Giraffe HeightIndividual consultations

We provide individual consultations for all paediatrics from neonates to adolescence on an outpatient basis. We offer a full anthropometrical and dietary assessment service, as well as personalised eating plans to suit your child’s requirements. The initial consultation is approximately 60 minutes and follow-ups are scheduled according to your child’s needs.

In-patient consultations
Our strong clinical background allows us to provide therapeutic in-patient nutritional management and monitoring for all patients from neonates to adolescence. Our service includes ICU, TPN, tube and specialised feeds, growth faltering intervention, and all chronic and disease-specific medical conditions.

Home visits
Our home visit service is specifically for wheel chair, buggy or bed-bound patients.

HealthyKidz School ProgrammePlate models
Our programme offers a growth monitoring and promotion tool to crèches and nursery schools on a quarterly or more frequent basis if required. The growth of children is measured, assessed and classified according to the WHO growth charts and the Road to Health Booklets and feedback is provided to the caregiver.

As working mothers, we understand that parents struggle to afford the time to take their children for regular growth checks (weight, height, head circumference, BMI and mid-upper arm circumference). It is essential to know if your child is growing and even more importantly, if they are growing adequately.

Please note: This is not a full dietetic assessment of your child. Full dietetic assessment can be done if appropriate with a parent present. HealthyKidz School Programme is a growth monitoring programme only.

Feeding Clinic
We have established a multi-disciplinary paediatric feeding clinic with our Dietitians and a Speech Therapist, who has a special interest in paediatric feeding and swallowing disorders based in Cape Town.
Together we have many years of experience working together from Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, in the specialist feeding clinic as well as with patients admitted to the hospital wards with feeding disorders.

Our Paediatric Feeding Clinic covers conditions including:
– Aspiration (of liquids and/or solids)
– Reflux related feeding issuesVegetables 1
– Transitioning from exclusive enteral
– (gastrostomy/ PEG) feeds to solids
– Oral aversions
– Poor feeding secondary to Cleft palates
– Nasogastric or gastrostomy tubes

We are able to offer bespoke talks, workshops and staff training, from informal talks with moms groups to infant feed training for large corporations.

Food product development consultations

We provide a professional advisory consulting service for all aspects of product development relating to infant and toddler food and nutrition.